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You were always so easy to control when your cock got hard...
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Very Good Karma said...

It sucks that you're having to "beg" for comments, 'cause some of these are really good. Actually, ALL of them are technically well made. You've picked great photos, sized them well, added a story that's not too short and not too long, formatted the text such that it's very easy to read, and added a distinctive but unintrusive signature. I can't tell you how uncommon that is. The only thing you haven't done is added your signature to the front of the file name, which helps when sorting these things.

Some of them aren't to my taste, but that's another matter. I don't know if you can see comments on old posts automatically, so I stuck this on the top post, which I'm not really into. My favorite caption in your archive is "Look At These Tits":


I very much prefer a willing (or soon-to-be-willing) transformee who gets a happy ending, and the subject of this one is sexy and confident.

To remedy the dearth of comments, and to drive some more traffic to your blog, I'd suggest posting some of your captions in this thread at The Process Forum:


Keep up the great work!

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