The woman looked at me and told me she didn't think a boy like me...
[image: twistys.com; model: Tommie Jo]


Very Good Karma said...

Well hey! It's great to see you haven't quit, and to get another great caption from you- I personally love magical food as a transformation cause. The only negative thing I can say about this one is that you spent three-quarters of the text on the buildup and didn't have much room left for the denouement.

What font are you using? Is it actually hollow or is that a photoshop trick? It's very nice.

Anyway, you've got a fan here, keep up the great work, and try to approve comments less than a month after they've been submitted.

Jack Andrews said...

Thanks for the kind words. And I haven't quit, just got busy. As for my delay in approving comments? I get so few that I forget to approve. Bad me. There should be a lot more caps in the coming days/weeks.

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