How Does That Feel?

I didn't understand what my wife meant...
[image:; models: Faye Valentine & Erin Avery]

Anybody Home?

You're definitely going to make that sultan very happy...
[image:; models: Skylar Price & Donna Dolore]

I Remember Kissing On Her

I met that walking pair of tits at the party...
[image:; model: Nicole Moser]

These Things Are Huge

I frantically tried to rinse off as fast as I could...
[image:; model: Jennie Reid]

Your Tits Are Amazing

Their cooler was loaded as were their bikinis...
[image: unknown; models: sadly unknown]
note: If you're not familiar with baseball, you probably won't get this one.

I Woke Up On This Balcony

When I tried to sneak out of the casino without settling my marker...
[image:; model: Kelly Madison]

And we're back

I was gone a lot longer than I thought. A combination of lack of inspiration and a lack of time really cramped the blog. But no longer. I expect to be posting about 4-5 new caps every week. Enjoy and let me know how you like 'em.

So Many Questions

When I met Heather, I couldn't control myself...
[image:; model: Heather]

Try and Focus

I love how my boobies hang...
[image:; model: Melisa C]

I Never Realized How Heavy They Are

I can't believe how horny I'm feeling...
[image:; model: Katie]

They Are Totally Safe

It felt so good to change...
[image: unknown; model: Dannielle]

Everything Went As Planned

I couldn't get enough of these big, fake funbags...
[image: unknown; model: Heidi Montag]

This Is How I Woke Up

So sensitive and huge...
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

I Knew Something Was Different About This One

With my hands shaking in anticipation...
[image:; model: Sandra Shine]

I Can't Believe This

How are you not jumping me for sex every minute of every day?
[image:; model: Amy]


Are they big enough for you?
[image:; model: Janessa Brazil]

You Dumb Asshole

How do you like my tits...
[image:; model: krissy lynn and unknown]


The woman looked at me and told me she didn't think a boy like me...
[image:; model: Tommie Jo]

Now You Can Have Her

It was about three months since she caught me...
[image:; model: Princess Cameron]

How Was I Supposed to Know

my pain-in-the ass neighbor is a witch?
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

Welcome Amber

You were always so easy to control when your cock got hard...
[image:; models: unknown]

No Return Address

That's when I felt everything happen all at once...
[image:; model: Rebecca]

Begging For Beads

New Orleans never quite recovered from Katrina. To spur tourism...
[image:; model: Brandie Moses]

If I Move Just The Right Way

This is awesome. I feel so alive...
[image:; model: Linda]

Holy Shit! It worked!

These tits are so heavy and sensitive that I can't believe
they are part of the suit...
[image:; model: Sabrina Rose]

This Isn't Real

This isn't real. You're dreaming, that's all...
[image:; model: Iva]

What Happens In Vegas

i remember that i won really big at the craps table and like this smokin' hot babe named Vegas was all over me...
[image:; model: unknown]

You Can Hold Your Breath Until You Pass Out

Don't pout, Jenny. You look really cute...
[image:; model: Jenny Poussin]

I Can Feel It Everywhere When I Squeeze Them

Wow, these tits feel even better than they look...
[image:; model: Cody Lane]

I Can't Believe It Actually Worked

Andy? Andy, are you ok? Holy shit...
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

Last I remember

Last I remember Julie tossed me something...
[image:; model: Julie]

Now I Feel All Gooey

Wow. That first hit really changed things. When I started to smoke...
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

Just Look At These Tits

Finally! I'm looking like so hot. Just look at these tits. My flat tummy...
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

Fuck! Why can't I stop smiling?

Fuck! Why can't I stop smiling? I might be hotter than hell and be hornier than...
[image:; model: unknown]

Omigodomigodomigod. Tits!

Wha...? Omigodomigodomigod. Tits. I have tits...
[image: unknown; model: unknown]

I Can't Stop Pulling My Ear

I'm so turned on. And I'm pulling my damn ear again. Help me...
[image: unknown; model: sadly unknown]